Four Fun Games for the Pool - Peterborough, Ontario

Four Fun Games for the Pool
September 15/2019

Any day spent by the pool is a good day, but sometimes we all get bored.  This Summer shake things up by injecting these 4 fun games into your old routines. These games are fun, easy and don’t require anything that you don’t have laying around the house.

Games are a great way to engage with stubborn friends and family who may not want to look up from their phones or help bring a pool party to life. For kids, games are great and create hours of entertainment in and around your swimming pool.

Classic Marco Polo
As long as there have been backyard swimming pool, people have been playing Marco Polo. Simple to play and easy to learn, this game will be familiar to almost everyone at your pool parties this year.

How to Play?
One person is designated as “Marco Polo”
Standing in the shallow end Marco Polo count is to 30
Players stealthily hide in different areas of the pool.
With eyes closed, Marco Polo explores the pool calling “Marco”, All other players must reply “Polo”.
Marco Polo must now find and tag each player
Last player standing wins

Dolphin Racing
This seriously fun game requires nothing other than a couple friends to play. Pretend to be dolphins as players race back and forth underwater, across the pool in an effort to win this time tested pool game. Whoever swims underwater the furthest wins!

 Treasure Hunts
You’d be amazed at how much time people spend playing this simple game. You do you need to play this game? Only a handful of coins and a few players.  Take turns as throwers and hunters. While the other players have their eyes closed, the thrower strategically tosses coins about the pool for the other players to find.  After all coins have been thrown and have fully sunk to the bottom of the pool, the race is on. Whoever finds the most treasure wins. When playing this game we recommend having a count of your treasure prior to throwing, so that you can ensure everything has been discovered.

We are honestly not sure whether this is a game or just one of those crazy, fun, silly things everyone should do at least once in the pool.  For this game the more people the better. Get everyone to stand in the pool around the edges. Then at the same time everyone starts running in circles around the pool.  After a few times around a current will start to form. Now for the fun part. Lay back and float as the current takes you round and round the pool.


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